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Have you been wanting to improve your fitness or make healthier lifestyle changes but are unsure which steps to take and when?


Have you been running for awhile and want to set new running goals or open to trying a different training approach?


Are you dreaming big about a certain race (or races) and want both customized training and support to reach your goal?

We are here to help you reach your goals!

We coach all abilities with a "meet you where you are" approach that emphasizes individualized definitions for excellence and optimal wellness.

Our mission statement:

Our mission is to enrich our athletes with relevant resources that foster both a solid foundation for sustained vitality and personal empowerment throughout our time together. By prioritizing patience and groundedness, individuals may then perform and live with excellence repeatedly and sustainably.

First, visit "Our Services" to determine what services or package/membership level best meets your needs.



Let's get started!

Click "Book Service" on any page.

Click " Book Services" on any page to request an appointment. Once approved by an Excel Rocktown team member, your card will be charged and you'll receive confirmation by email and/or text.

Fill out any required forms.

Finally, personal training, health consultations, gait analyss, and running consultations all require forms.


Gait analysis and consultations require the "running history form" to be completed prior to your appointment.


Personal training and health consultations require a "health history form" to be completed prior to your appointment.


Compression and Red light therapies do not require additional forms.


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