Excel Rocktown Racing offers trail running races including primarily single-track races in the beautifully maintained Massanutten Western Slopes.  The Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition maintains the current trails and also creates new ones.


The primary purpose of these events are to support the intellectual and physical longevity of local students while simultaneously providing a competitive, yet beautiful environment for runners to race.  Donated books are placed into our classrooms, and funds raised from each event will support an annual scholarship for prospective collegiate runners from Rockingham County Public Schools.  


The two event dates in the series include:


The NUTT Endurance Challenge - April 1st, 2023 7:00 AM


50K race (individual and 5/10 person relay) 

20K race

5K race 



The Moonlight Rendezvous -  TBD, 2023


5++ mile race 

1 Mile Kids' race










We are thrilled to share that Dr. David Glazer of Function for Life will be sponsoring our trail series!

Dr. David Glazer is a Chiropractor in Harrisonburg who specializes in helping people reach their ideal performance. He's helped runners with a multitude of conditions continue and get back to their training to reach their goals via improving their mobility, stability and strength. His services include biomechanical assessments, Chiropractic care, functional rehabilitation and manual muscle release, kinesiotaping and deep tissue laser therapy.

Being a runner most likely means your body will need further attention and adjustment. I hope you will place your body's needs with Dr. Glazer!

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